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Discmania TD Rush S-line

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Tiesus kaip strėlė ir turintis nepaprastai sklendimą. Puikiai tinka visų lygių žaidėjams. Puikus ergonomiškas kraštelis bet kuriai rankai.

Yprastai su "Discmania" supaprastintu spaudu. Anksčiau šis diskas buvo žinomas kaip "Rush".

Skubėkite pasirinkti savo TD. Pritaps tiek naujokams kaip stabilus, tiek Pro kaip besiverčiantis draiveris. Ypatingai geras sklendimo savybes turintis Dismania diskas.


Straight-as-an-arrow driver with lots of glide. Great for all skill levels. Awesome for "hyzerflip to flat" shots that need to fly straight. Great ergonomic rim profile.

This product comes with Discmania's simplistic S-line stamp design. Previously known as "Rush".

Rush out to get your Turning Driver... This is an easy-to-throw disc suitable from beginners to top level pros. This speed 10 driver has a comfortable smaller rim grip that offers a lot of glide with a very straight flight path. If you're looking for a disc that flies faster than Innova's Roadrunner but still offers some of the best glide in the market, the Turning Driver is your choice! The main difference between the Roadrunner and TD is that you do not need to flex this disc in order to make use of the big glide that it offers. When thrown with the right amount of force, this disc just keeps on going straight – almost like floating in the air!

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